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Our Affordable and Fast bail bondsman can be reached at 757-829-0000 for immediate service in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Newport News, as well as Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach is primarily known for its beautiful beaches, free entertainment, amazing musician artists, a awesome oceanfront boardwalk and for those of you who have been here on vacation you probably understand why the popular saying "come on vacation, leave on probation". It sounds funny and makes a great t-shirt but its not a joke, the Virginia Beach Police department is like no other in the area. Come visit the beautiful Virginia Beach boardwalk but make sure you respect the rules that the Virginia Beach City Police have set in place, for example the no cursing signs. Where have you ever seen a sign that says NO CURSING? Do not J-walk, do not beg for money, do not loiter, and do not drink and drive. The Virginia Beach City leaders have done a great job cleaning up the oceanfront, and the police are protecting the community but be aware that getting arrested on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront is something the locals are very familiar with and know the process once arrested at the oceanfront. If you are looking for a bail bondsman near you to get your friend out of jail who was arrested on the virginia beach oceanfront call 757-829-0000 "if they got ya, we will get ya". 

about virginia beach courthouse & jail

The Virginia Beach Jail and Courthouse are located at 2425 Nimmo parkway, Virginia Beach VA 23456 

The process for getting a bail bond posted in virginia beach and the release of the inmate at the va.beach jail can be very lengthy. You can expect to wait 1-4 hours for someone to be released, if alcohol is involved expect to wait a minimum of 8 hours for someone to be released. 

To get more information visit our F.A.Q. page, you can also ask our VIRGINIA BEACH BAIL BONDS agent any question by calling anytime. 

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