Bail Reform is Dangerous

The Bail industry is under attack like we have never been before, for those of you that do not know The Bail Project is a "non-profit" organization that is putting blame and focus on the bail bonds industry for problems that the bail bonds industry has absolutely NO CONTROL over. Its easy to attack a small unfortunately unorganized industry that simply does not have the resources as powerful as the group attacking it. Google the ARNOLD FOUNDATION and you can take a look at what this group is really about which is CONTROL. They want to control the legal system, they want local judges and courts to follow and do what they decided is the ethical and right way to go about handling ones innocence and freedom. It is DANGEROUS what they are doing, and if you follow the bail bonds industry you are aware of the person they released on bail through their donated funds on a $5000 bond who hours later went and murdered his wife. Now the gentleman is being held on a 1 million dollar bail and guess what? THEY ARE NOT PAYING FOR HIM TO GET OUT NOW!

This all could have been avoided if they were licensed professionals like our bail bondsmen and follow rules and regulations that are hundreds of years old to avoid unfortunate situations like the recent murder of a innocent woman. The bail project is dangerous and its being portrayed as some sort of savior to poor people who are stuck in jail on a bail they can't afford to post.

COMMON SENSE PEOPLE.... who sets the bail amount? Who determines who gets out of jail? A JUDGE!!!! someone who is educated and has dedicated their entire life to gaining the knowledge and experience to make those judgment calls, NOT A BAIL BONDSMAN. A bail bondsman is simply a resource for people who can't afford to pay for the entire amount of a bond, we are the peoples bank. We are needed in the legal system, we offer a service.

The bail project is operating as an unlicensed bail bonding company hiding behind a "non-profit" putting the community at risk because again lets use common sense.... they get to pick and choose who they bail out, that means they are assessing risk, they are determining who they want to release, who will be a good statistic when they build up their attack on the bail industry..

BAIL BONDSMEN NEED TO STICK TOGETHER AND FIGHT THESE NON PROFIT DANGEROUS GROUPS. Check back for more information about the bail industry and thank you for taking the time to read a little more about what the life of a bail bondsman is like.

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